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Who We Are

ZASTA is a national seed association that looks at the interest of seed companies in the country's seed trade.It was established in 1999 and has 19 members which include Seed.Co, MRI/Syngenta, Zamseed, Seed Control and Certification Institute(SCCI),ZARI, Klein Karoo, Piooner,Kamano, Monsanto, Stark Ayres, Buya Bamba, Croplife, Harvest Plus, UNZA, Steward Globe and Advanta. ZASTA works in partnership wuth the seed control and Certification Institute (SCCI) of ministry of Agriculture and lifestock (MAL) in combating fake and illegal seed.

Any dynamic industry should be represented by a versatile body that acts as a loud voice to advocate for its interests. Such a strong body then serves as liaison mechanism with state authorities and all other relevant parties of interest. The body further provides a platform for internal liaison among members of the relevant industry. The Zambia Seed Trade Association (ZASTA) is such a body and represents the Zambian seed industry as an association of all interested role players..

Our Objectives

Seed Production - To Promote seed production and sales of other crops such as beans,groundnuts , sunflower , irish potatoes etc in order to reduce fake seeds of such crops.

Stakeholders Awareness - We offer every player in the seed industry a vigorous committment and get them involved in the fight against fake and illegal seed.There is need to develop an effective information exchange system among stakeholders as well as SCCI (Seed Controland Certification Institute).

Agro-Dealing - To upscale agro-dealership network in order to curb fake seed and ensuring FISP-seed deliveries are done in earlier(by mid october) so that fake seed dealers are detoured.

Inspections - We intensify border town ispections to track down fake/illegal seed.

Among the key objectives of the Association shall be to;

  • Provide a national forum for the exchange of ideas and experience and the formulation of recommendations to Government and other stakeholders on seed policy issues and improved seed sector performance.
  • Stimulate technical knowledge and economic co-operation among seed enterprise in the country for the improvement of the seed trade and supply of quality seed.
  • Provide machinery among members of the Association for the interchange of information and experience on cultivar development, seed production, quality control and marketing.
  • Engage in the promotion of the seed industry in all aspects thereof for the benefits of its members.
  • Promote high standard of business ethics and to facilitate the settlement of disputes in the seed.

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