Game Viewing in the Heart Of Livingstone

A Chobe Day Trip is a unique opportunity to experience some best game viewing in africa.
Experience Chobe National Park on a game cruise as well as a game drive Chobe National Park is well known foe its large herds of elephants that frequent the Chobe River on a daily basis.
The River is filled with big pods of Hippos and some biggest Crocodiles in Africa.Enjoy game viewing in its iconic park

The African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) has nominated Zambia, through the Zambia Seed Trade Association (ZASTA) to host the AFSTA Congress in March 2020. These congresses are held annually in different member countries in Africa but draw a wide array of international bodies such as the International Seed Trade Association (ISTA) and other attendees from all over the world. The Congresses are highly beneficial to the host countries in terms of both Seed Industry business and tourism. It is therefore a great honor for a country to be accorded the privilege of hosting such a congress of this magnitude. Over three hundred and fifty delegates made up of leaders in the international seed industry and some with their families are expected to come to Zambia for the Congress. This is a great opportunity not only for the Agriculture sector in Zambia to benefit, but also the Tourism sector.

California is known throughout the world as a premier location for crop breeding, variety development and seed production.

The state has evolved to fill an important niche in the global seed industry because of our ideal climate and sophisticated infrastructure for growing, harvesting, processing and marketing high quality seeds.